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Why choose Milledeux?

We want every purchase from Milledeux to be a great experience. We want to surprise and give our customers that little “extra”.

What do you get, when you purchase a product from Milledeux? You get:

High quality items

  • Nickel free metal
  • Hairstylist grade alligator clips with no teeth
  • OEKO-TEX® ribbon
  • Authentic Liberty of London fabric
  • REACH certified production

A large variety in styles and colors

  • 12 different collections
  • More than 1,500 different items to choose from

Cute packaging

  • All items are packaged in clear cellophane bags with a cute card and a sticker
  • The sealed packaging ensures that no one else has used the item before you
  • The packaging doubles as a cute gift wrapping


Everything we do, comes down to great quality. We set the highest bar regarding quality in all aspects of our business. Our products must of course be of the highest quality. But also the packaging, including a great quality cellophane bag and the special printed cards with silver and gold foil on them.

Quality in our products materialize in nickel free metal, hairstylist grade alligator clips with no teeth, OEKO-TEX® ribbon, authentic Liberty of London fabric and an overall REACH certified production. We want hair accessories to be safe and not harm childrens’ delicate skin or hair.

Please expect every item from Milledeux to be of the highest quality – we know that we do.


We think that you as a customer should have many different options when purchasing hair accessories. We believe that you should be able to find something to go with every outfit and for every special occassion. We work hard on continously expanding our variety of styles and colors to always offer many great colors and different styles, but at the same time never straying from our company’s identity and style.

We know that all customers are different and taste and preference is often different. With our 12 different collections and more than 1,500 different items to choose from, we hope there is enough variety to satisfy the need for different styles and colors.

We hope you find just the style and color, that you are looking for.