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Cute headbands for girls in all ages

Headbands are a classic go-to when it comes to hair accessories. Headbands are easy to wear – and a stylish and chic way of wearing something that’s practical. A headband keeps hair out of the face, making it easier to concentrate on playing, drawing or whatever your girl enjoys doing.

At Milledeux, you can find chic, cute, and on-trend collections of headbands for girls. Our headbands are also easy to combine with our bows or hair ties if you like to really accessorize.

The headbands are handmade, of high quality and designed to be innovative and on-trend. Our horseshoe-shaped headbands are all made from high quality plastic, which makes them flexible and suitable to fit all.

Girls headbands in different styles and sizes

At Milledeux, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy our products and when we designed our headbands, we had different age groups in mind.

For older children, all of our headbands fit perfectly, and your girl can pick just the one she loves – be it with a small, medium or a large bow, or perhaps a gorgeous fan hairband. For babies and very young children, we recommend our cute elastic headbands as these are soft and comfortable for your young ones.

If you are looking for something a bit different, we also have headbands made with Liberty of London fabric, roses made out of fabric, pearls and weaved patterns.

No matter which size, pattern and color you choose, we can assure you that you will receive a cute headband of the highest quality.

Girls headbands with bows – a classic among classics

We develop new styles all the time, but some become classics. A headband that never goes out of style is the bow headband. It’s easy, classic and chic.

You can choose between several different sizes and a lot of colours – and that goes for both our girls’ headbands with bows and other hair accessories. This means you can get creative and use several of our products at the same time if you like. A headband can easily be combined with one of our hairpins, which gives a cute and different look.

Elastic headbands for girls

An alternative to the classic headbands is those made out of elastic, giving her some personality with the stretchy headbands. They are very stretchy and enormously comfy. Each headband is handmade making every product an unique experience.

If you want inspiration on how to use headbands and see how headbands have developed through time, have a look at this article. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on email if you have any questions regarding our products: