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Hair Bows

High quality hair bows for girls in all styles

At Milledeux we are proud of our selection of stylish hair bows for girls of all ages. In our assortment, you can find plenty of colors, innovative styles, and designs. Our big array of cute hair bows for all ages makes it easy for you to find something nice and suitable for your child – or maybe even for yourself.

You can wear the hair bows on their own, or combine them with other hair clips or hair pins for a look that is both chic and fun at the same time.

The quality of our products is very important to us, because we believe that our children deserve the best. This means that everything you can find on our website has been produced to meet Milledeux’ high standards.

As an example, all our products that contain metal are nickel free, and the ribbon used for our products are OEKO-TEX certified.

All of our products are handmade. Because of this there might be small variations between each hair bow.

Hair bows for babies, toddlers & little girls – in small, medium or large

The hair bows you find on this page can be used by children of all ages. We have three different size categories to make it easy for you to find the size and hairbow styles that suit your child the best. And you can of course mix and match as you like! 

The hair bows have an alligator clip, which makes it easy to put on. The alligator clip also makes the hair bow versatile, because you can use it on loose hair as well as ponytails, braids or more elaborate hairstyles. 

When deciding on which size is right for your child, we recommend that you take into account the age of your child, their amount of hair, as well as what kind of situations, your child will wear the hair bow in.

You can choose a big hair bow for girls that sit still a lot during the day. For girls that play wildly, we recommend a smaller hair bow or a bow on an elastic band, because they are easy to wear with a ponytail, and will tug less on the hair while playing. For girls that like both, it’s fun to mix and match depending on the day.

Small hair bows – This size of hair bows is for the smallest children, babies, and toddlers. The small hair bows are made of grosgrain with a covered alligator clip. The alligator clip measures 4.5 cm and the bow measures approx. 4 × 6.8 cm.

Medium hair bows – The medium hair bows are, as the name suggests, medium in size, which means that it can be used by all age groups. Our medium-sized hair bows are made of grosgrain, and the alligator clip measures 4.5 cm. The hair bow is approx. 5 × 7.6 cm.

Large hair bows – Due to their size, our large hair bows fit older children better. Just like the other hair bows they are made of grosgrain and has an alligator clip that measures approx. 4.5 cm. The big bow itself is approximately 7.5 × 10.2 cm.

How to style your different hair bows

Hair bows are wonderful because they are so versatile. They can elevate an outfit, while still being completely age-appropriate.

Hair bows also allow the child to have a lot of freedom of movement, both for children who like to play wildly and for children who sit still.

But how do you style the hair bow for your child? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Match the color of the hair bow to the color scheme of your child’s outfit. This is a classic and chic look, that can be used for all occasions.
  • Use the hair bow to add a little extra or a stylish and fun touch to your child’s outfit
  • Let your child choose their hair bow and use that as an opportunity to let them play with their look without wearing a costume.
  • Combine a hair bow with a headband – a lot of our headbands have a bow on them as well. 

Read more about using hair bows in your child’s hair in our step-by-step styling guide.

Milledeux – your go-to hair bow shop

With our large range of hair bows for your little girl, you should be able to find the perfect one.

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