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Hair Clips

Cute hair clips for a girl

A hair clip is one of the most important accessories for every girl. Hair clips offer a lot of variation when it comes to styling your little girl’s hair. We have several different styles, sizes, colours and designs.

Our selection includes:

  • Hair clips with bows
  • Hair clips with pearls
  • Alligator hair clips
  • Claw hair clips
  • And much, much more

All of our hair clips are made by hand, which ensures both quality and that every hair clip has its own unique look.

If you are looking for something stylish you can’t find anywhere else, we have a cute selection of hair clips with ballerinas, valentine hearts and letters, unicorn and lollipops on them.

Hair clips with pearls or bows

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in hair fashion are hair clips with pearls in all shapes and sizes. Pearls always have always been – and will always be – a chic and on-trend way of making your little girl shine. We have hair clips with pearl flowers on them making it easy to combine the two versions.

At Milledeux we love pearls. So if you share that passion, but want something to switch it up with, you should also explore our selection of headbands; some of them have pearls while others are decorated with bows.

Besides pearls, we love hair bows as well. Styling your little gils hair with a bow clip can surely pump up any outfit.

Statement alligator hair clips

A hair clip is not just a hair clip. It’s an easy and beautiful way of adding a bit of sparkle to the way you style your own or your daughter’s hair.

We have a wide range of stylish and chic alligator hair clips. Some of the statement hair clips you can’t overlook are the ones with crystals that spell out the words “MOM” – or “WOW”, if you flip it upside-down.

A winter essential we’re very happy to have in our range is the Snowflake Clip with pearls and crystals, which only makes them more suitable for the magical days and events surrounding Christmas.

Something that would go well with a statement hair clip is our hair pins. Most of them are smaller and more delicate than the hair clips making a perfect companion for a statement hair clip.

How to style with hair clips

For a lot of girls hair accessories are something that is difficult to be without. That’s why, we at Milledeux make an effort to design and develop luxurious hair accessories that are high quality and still easy to use.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using hair clips in styling. A simple hair clip is useful for keeping your bangs away from your face, a ponytail is easier to style with a hair clip.

If you want inspiration on how to use and style hair clips you can have a look at this article that comes up with several different styles.

All of our hair clips use alligator clips, free of nickel. They also don’t damage your child’s delicate hair.

If you need help or advice when it comes to choosing hair clips, we are more than happy to help you, simply contact us via email contact@milledeux.com.