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Medium Milledeux boutique bow – Liberty hairband – Liberty D’Anjo E / 332


Medium Milledeux® boutique bow – hairband.

The hairband is covered in authentic Liberty of London fabric. This fabric is called D’Anjo E. The bow is OEKO-TEX® grosgrain ribbon in the color french blue.

The hairband measures 13 x 10.5 cm. (5 x 4 inches) – 1.5 cm. wide (0.6 inches) and the bow measures approximately 5 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 inches).

All of our Milledeux® hairbands are made from plastic, which makes them very flexible and suitable to fit all – both small children and grown-ups.

All of our products are hand-made, and as such, we cannot guarantee that two products are exactly alike, even if they are the same style and color.

Please note that this is an item made using fabric with a pattern. As such you will likely not receive a bow looking exactly like the one on the product picture, but the same fabric will be used. Differences occur, because this is a fabric with a pattern.